Monday, 8 April 2019

Wassily Kansdinsky

At the start of the school year we recreated Wassily Kansdinsky concentric circles. We put 6 to 8 circles on our page and drew miniature circles inside them. We were told to get creative and make the circles bright and colourful. The same colour wasn’t allowed to touch each other. We practiced our concentric circles on smaller pieces of paper. They also turned out good. It took us two art sessions to finish our concentric circles. We painted the concentric circles with different paints. Our pictures turned out really good.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Clay Tiles

In spring we made clay tiles. We drew normal pictures and we made view finders from thin cardboard. Then we put the view finders on the most detailed part of our drawing. We got some clay and we made it into a tile shape. Then we drew the part of the view finder onto the clay. When the clay had dried we painted it in bright colours and it was beautiful.

Ms O'Connor's Fifth Class have been participating in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. We began as a group with many ideas in December. Following a Dragon's Den in our classroom, we took the advice of our dragons on board and decided to create a Multicultural Cookbook. We were so lucky to have over 20 different nationalities in our school so it was easy to get our hands on some tasty recipes from around the world.
We applied to our principal for a loan and were very lucky to receive one. We sent our recipes and drawings off to the printers and received a fabulous cookbook a few days later. We have successfully sold 350 books and have a great profit. We intend buying games for our playground so that all children in our school will benefit from the money we have made. Our teacher has promised us a little treat for all our hard work also!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Ireland’s Woodlands

On the 13/06/18 a man called Joe came to our school and told us all about Ireland’s Woodlands. He was really kind and funny. He told us about biodiverse ecosystem, which is when all the living things in the forest work together to make it beautiful and great for every season. Fungi plays a great role in the system. Have you ever wondered where all the autumn leaves go after they fall on the ground? Well the fungi on the ground eats the leaves and makes rich soil for all plants in the spring. He had displays everywhere. One of them told us what tree we were depending on our birthday, mine is birch wood tree. We had a great time, thank you for teaching us Joe J
By Fizah

Friday, 15 June 2018

Woodland Habitats Science Presentation

On the 13th of June after little break me and my class went to a nature exhibition in our hall. The man’s name who was doing it was Joe. He had lots of fake bird displays. Then he showed us some videos about fungi etc. It was very interesting and we got to learn about a lot of new things. We all enjoyed it.
By Rihanna

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Our School Tour

Our school tour was to the fantastic Lochcrew Adventure Center. The sun shone and we had a great time there. We went rock climbing and soaring on the zip line. Best of all we got really mucky! Soon hunger struck us so we had a mouth-watering barbeque. A huge thanks to the teachers and the bus driver.
By Meadhbh

Friday, 11 May 2018

Our performance at the Variety Show

Hi everyone on Wednesday 9th April there was a talent show in our school.                   
It started at 7 o clock but people that took part in the show had to come in at 6 o clock or quarter past 6.
The first performance was peace proms which 6th and 5th did. After peace proms everyone that did the dance called thriller had to get ready. While they were getting ready Enya, my friend, was playing the piano. She was good, all the teachers were stunned.
Then it was thriller. After that we all ran and took our makeup of and it was time for the other groups to dance or do whatever they had practiced.
At the end we had to do the last song for peace proms. The show finished at quarter to 9  and we all went home

By Mariya Roy

Wassily Kansdinsky

At the start of the school year we recreated Wassily Kansdinsky concentric circles. We put 6 to 8 circles on our page and drew miniature c...