Friday, 11 May 2018

Our performance at the Variety Show

Hi everyone on Wednesday 9th April there was a talent show in our school.                   
It started at 7 o clock but people that took part in the show had to come in at 6 o clock or quarter past 6.
The first performance was peace proms which 6th and 5th did. After peace proms everyone that did the dance called thriller had to get ready. While they were getting ready Enya, my friend, was playing the piano. She was good, all the teachers were stunned.
Then it was thriller. After that we all ran and took our makeup of and it was time for the other groups to dance or do whatever they had practiced.
At the end we had to do the last song for peace proms. The show finished at quarter to 9  and we all went home

By Mariya Roy

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