Friday, 9 October 2015

What we've been up to...

In school we went to the library. We got to pick out a book to read for a week and brought it back to the library. It was so fun and after we got to take a class picture with the books. The next day we all got to make a smoothie out of banana, honey, strawberry and strawberry yogurt. We blended it all and it turned out great!!! We wrote how it tasted while drinking it. It was so so yummy!! I want it again. After a few weeks we started swimming. It’s on every Thursday. It’s only on for six weeks and at the end of the week we get to go on the slides. Today we dug sand and found things from the past, we found a coin called punt. Lots of cool stuff was there. We got our hands dirty but we had so much fun!!!
By Alex

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