Friday, 4 December 2015

St Clare's News

Last week in school we had a news report on everything that has been happening in St.clares, like the mobile cinema which Gabriella told us about.5th class and 4th class went to she told us about the experiments they did and after watched Wallis and grommet. Next they talked about cross country which Letitia told us about all the girls that had been training very hard and got third place out of over 50 schools. After that they talked about the school play Ye-Ha and Benita talked about her character for the play which is Billy-Jo-Brisket (tickets can be bought in the office €5 each on the 9th and 10th of December) but the girls have been working very hard. The swimming Gala will be taking place on the 9th of December, all the girls have been working very hard after school on Friday. Benny talked to us about the 1st class play and his character, he will be one of the three wise men in the story of when Jesus was born. The whole school has come up with a plan to be better at problem solving. What we do is   all the classes in the school have to solve problems in their class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The school have a board where all the classes has a month to up  their own problems and this month it is our classes turn to up ours up . We all picked one and wrote it down and put it up on the board in the hall for all of December so you can see them for the rest of the month.

Mary Akinlolu

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