Thursday, 25 February 2016

News Report

Welcome to fifth class news report

About two weeks ago our fifth class made Valentine’s Day card they were all pretty and gorgeous. We made two lovebirds and they were so cute.

This week we were learning about the 1916 rising and we also read the proclamation it was so long.we are also going to make our own proclamation. We also made a brainstorm of all the things we are going to include in our proclamation. There were some really good ideas like pollution free environment and all the children getting equal treatment.

Friday the 25th of February Aine and Grainne from 6th class done a news report on all the thing that have happened in the past month.

The school basketball team went to a blitz and won three matches and got a tie with Farnham School. Well done everyone who went to the blitz.

Thank you for reading our news report.

By Aleen and Nadine.

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