Friday, 20 January 2017

An interview by Tanya in 5th Class

Hi everyone. Sorry we have not been on in a while. We have been very busy preparing for the Junior Entrepreneur programme. Tanya, our resident reporter interviewed some of the class about how it is all going so far;

Let me say thank you for choosing NICE NEWS
Later today we will be talking about sports but right now we are going to hear what it is like
for some young girls who are doing the junior entrepreneur programme.

So lets begin with Sorcha
I feel it’s going to be a great experience for our class
We will learn a lot and I also think it will be great working
together. I know it will definitely help us for the future. All
the groups have brilliant ideas and whichever idea gets
picked I will be happy .

Well thanks Sorcha, OK Rachel was asked next.
I am very excited. I also want my group to win because
We worked really hard.

 Well that sounded nice. Let’s here what Ericka had to say
I am really excited. I hope my group wins.

 Lastly out of girls it’s Maureen;
I’m so excited

Well now it’s time to hear their teacher Ms. D  Fitzpatrick
I’m super excited and I’m looking out for good teamwork

Oh I am sure they are great girls teacher. Ok last girl Sarah c and she said;
 I feel scared but confident

Oh Sarah you will do great I know it.
Well that is  mostly it but stay tuned because next week
We are going to hear how dragons den went OOOOHHH
And thank you again for choosing NICE NEWS

BY TANYA                                            AGE 12

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