Tuesday, 4 April 2017


This year my class took part in the JEP ( junior entrepreneur programme )
It was really good fun! We had to split up into different groups and try to think of different products that we could make. Each of the groups had to narrow all of their ideas to one idea, we had to make samples of our products and show them to the dragons. ( Mrs Donohoe, Mrs Leonard and Mr Walsh) They choose dreamcatchers!
 Then we were split into 5 different groups: the storytelling team, the finance team, the sales team, the design and production team and the marketing team. I was on the storytelling team! We had to update the blog, interview each of the teams and take care of the folder, this means that the storytelling team made sure that all of the sheets or activities in the folder were completed by everyone in the class.
The marketing team had to make posters to put around the school, the design and production team made most of the dreamcatchers, the finance team counted all of the money after we sold the dreamcatchers and the sales team sold the dreamcatchers on the day.
On the showcase day we called each class over to our class, and they each bought a dreamcatcher depending on how much money they had. After a while of selling the dreamcatchers we ran out of them and we had to take orders and make more, we took the names of then people that ordered a dreamcatcher. We then called them back to our class and they chose which one they would like!
Over all we made €644.10. With this money we went to the cinema and watched Beauty and the Beast, we had some more money left over and so we got a bus and went to Ericas Fairy Forest! It was so much fun we wrote notes to the fairies!! We still had lots of money left over so we each got 15 euro back!! We all learned something from the JEP: team work is so important and you need to work very hard to get what you want! The JEP was so much fun and I recommend it. 
Thanks for reading our blog! Catch up with us next week!

By – Sorcha Smith

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