Monday, 22 May 2017

Senior Girls Football Match

Last week on Wednesday, the senior girls from our school had a football match. Everyone was really excited on the way there. When we got there we got ready: putting on our football boots, socks or putting on a jersey. Only the people that were playing the first half put on jerseys, the rest of the people were substitutes and they put on bibs to show the other team that they were not playing. Mr Arkins was telling all of the starting people their positions, I was a forward! We went out on to the pitch and stretched then Ms Brady did little drills with us. The referee blew the whistle, this meant that we had to get ready and get into our starting positions. When the match began all the subs were cheering us on. Mr Arkins was taking people off and putting people on to replace them. Then it was half time and we were all tired but Mr Arkins gave us a pep talk and we all got some water. Mr Arkins changed a few people around into different positions and took some people off to give other people a run, but he kept me on and I was really happy! When we went back on for the second half we were all ready but the other team scored a lot. We need to work more on team work! I was taken off for the last ten minutes of the second half, I was really tired! We lost the match but we all played really well and had a lot of fun!!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to come back next week!                    By Sorcha Smith

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