Friday, 23 June 2017

Our memories from 5th class

My favourite 2 days with teacher were when we were doing our English test. She spelled us the first word instead of just calling it out, which was funny! The second one was when we were doing the Junior Entrepreneur we earned a lot of money, €600, so we went to the cinema and watched the new Beauty and the Beast which was really emotional. And because we had some leftover money we went to the fairy forest. It was the best year ever with our teacher, she is just the best…NO.1 teacher.                                                                                                    

My most memorable moment was when we went on our school tour, the bus on the way home. Kayleigh, Sarah, Katilin, Rachel and me had a great a great laugh. We were telling stories and playing dares. Katilin was scared of the lorries that drove past, we were all laughing at that. Then me Kayleigh, Sarah all started talking about random stuff. And then when we got back to school we went home.

My favourite moment from 5th class was probably when we were told how much money we made for the JEP (which was €644.) With that money we decided that we were going to go to the cinema, we went to see Beauty and the Beast! We still had of money left over so we went to Erica’s fairy forest! It was so much fun!! One of my favourite funny memories was when I accidently called teacher *mam* and later on that day I called my mam *teacher*! I had lots of fun on the school tour as well! I will miss 5th class!       

My favourite memory from fifth class was when we went to Loughcrew and me and Rachel kept falling into the bog and Rachel’s shoe got stuck in the bog. Another one of my memorable moments was at the start of the year when me and Rachel made up a funny baby  dance and last one when me and Rachel were throwing each other into a tree. We will miss fifth class so much and we had a great year.

My favourite memory from fifth class was when we went to Loughcrew and me Kaitlin jumped into the bog and my shoe got stuck in the mud and Kaitlin busted out laughing. Another one of my memories was when me and Kaitlin went into the bathroom for like 10 minutes and then we got caught. Another one was on the bus back from loughcrew; me, Kaitlin, Kelsie, Kayleigh and Sarah c sat at the back of the bus and it was so funny because we played dares and Kelsie walked on the bus to another seat and got stuck in a different seat and had to sneak back to the back. One last memory was me, Kaitlin, Maureen, Sorcha and Kayla pretending to be babies. We had such a good year, we will miss fifth class so much! We had such an awesome year.

I have had some fun and funny memories in fifth class. It’s really hard to pick my favourite because I have a lot but I have a really funny one that always make me laugh when I think about it. One time when we were doing maths and Mrs Meehan was here helping us with maths and I needed help so I said , ‘’ Lorraine can you help me please!” It was so funny I laughed my head off all day during maths. I HAVE HAD AN AMAZING TIME IN FIFTH CLASS. I will miss this class. Thank you Miss Fitzpatrick.

My favourite 5th class memory was when we did the JEP project. We sold dream catchers and the profit was €644.10, it was so much fun. We set up the class like a shop and put the dream catchers out. They were very popular. With the money we got to go to see beauty and the beast, the real version. In the cinema we got popcorn and some sweet with all the money we had. And we also got to go to Erica’s fairy forest it was so much fun I wish I could go back. We had a mini picnic there too, my favourite part was the wishing chair. 

My favourite memory in 5th class was when we took part in the JEP. We made dreamcatchers and earned €644.10. We were very busy making dreamcatchers. We went to the cinema and we saw beauty and the beast (film version) with our money. A week after that we went to Erica’s fairy forest. It was so beautiful. I could never forget that week!

My favourite memory in fifth was when we went to see beauty and the beast because we were allowed sweets but we had water. My favourite part was when the bad guy fell of the castle and died. I had a good time in fifth class.

This year has gone so fast! One of my most favourite memories were going to the cinema and also doing the junior entrepreneur. I really liked my teacher J I’ve enjoyed the projects, our movies, drama, dances, and games!

My favourite memory in fifth class was when we went on our school tour to Loughchrew. My favourite parts were when we jumped into a lake and had a barbecue. This year has gone by really quick and I really liked my teacher Ms Fitzpatrick, she was the best.

My favourite thing in fifth class was when we went to Erica’s fairy forest. It was very fun because I love fairies

My favourite thing that happened in fifth class was us doing the junior entrepreneur and our school tour. I am not one of those people that like to get messy but the trip to Loughcrew really made me want to be messy .I also really enjoyed the zip line that was there , thanks to my friends , I went on it because I would be too scared

My favourite thing was when we played rounders and some girls sang “ we are making a purple stew …whip whip.” And teacher said “We’re making a purple stew and giving me a headache”
My favourite things about 5th class were 2 things – JEP - we made so much money, it was incredible! Playing rounders against Ms. Mc Guirk’s class and after we won  Maureen was so happy and started screaming WE WON!! Teacher told her to be a good sport.  My class may not have liked coming to school but we all agreed we had an awesome and pretty teacher  

My favourite thing in fifth class was when we went on our school tour. We all went on different activities; my group went on the zip line and my favourite part was when we had to jump into the pond and my least favourite thing was that we had to close our eyes and walk into muddy places but I had fun and so did my friends.
Alana J

My favourite memory from fifth class was that we did the Junior Entrepreneur. I liked it because we had a responsibility that we had to take on. And at the end of it we got real money. So we got to go to two awesome places; we got to go to the fairy forest and the cinema to watch Beauty and the best. We had so much fun  in all the places we went and we also didn’t have to do any work that day. I also liked when teacher would read us stories .We all loved playing rounders and especially against the other fifth class. It was really fun in fifth class I really enjoyed it I WILL MISS FIFTH CLASS. Thank you teacher for making it the best year ever

My favourite memory was the JEP because we got to make a lot of dreamcatchers, go to Erica’s Fairy Forest and the cinema. My favourite thing in Erica’s fairy forest was when we got to write letters to the fairies. In the cinema we watched beauty and the beast, it was really exciting but it was sad in some parts of the movie. Ms.Fitzpatrick gave us some treats to bring to the cinema. I enjoyed being in 5th class it was so fun because teacher done so many fun things with us! I WILL MISS 5TH CLASS SOOOOO MUCH.

My favourite memory was when we went on the school tour.  It was really fun even if l was all muddy but l enjoyed it. Everybody and l enjoyed being in this class. I will miss fifth class so much!   


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