Thursday, 25 January 2018

Peace Proms

On February 4th we are going to the RDS in Dublin to take part in Peace Proms so we are practicing really hard. There are some of our favourite artists/bands like Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons and the Vamps included in the songs. We are doing Disney songs like Moana and Zootopia.  5th and 6th class are doing Peace Proms. There are a lot of schools doing peace proms from all over Ireland! Peace Proms is supported by the Department of Education. The CBOI (cross border orchestra of Ireland) is a charity in Ireland and the UK. Peace Proms give school children all over Ireland (North and South) a chance to sing and get together to have fun and also raise money for charity. I think it will be very fun and I hope that we have no homework on Monday. 
J ~Lillie 

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