Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Cyber Bullying

On Wednesday afternoon a lady from Dublin came in to talk to us about cyber-bullying. She came in when we were in 4th class as well. She taught us to be safe on the internet. Cyber-bullying is bullying on the internet, take social media for example like Instagram, Snapchat, Musically or Twitter, well they are really dangerous and you have be careful and don’t bully and if someone bullies you, don’t be afraid to get evidence or take a picture if you can and give it to someone you trust, for example the principal, your teacher, your parents or your friends. The internet is a dangerous place even if you’re just on YouTube or even this blog. Bullying could also destroy your future careers and college applications because all of your bullying gets tracked and the people in colleges and schools know about it so don’t bully and anyway why would you want to? We all have our negatives thoughts about things and people but let’s just keep them to ourselves and not cause drama. So that’s all Paula taught us, just remember be a ‘Buddy Not A Bully’.                                                           -Phoebe

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