Friday, 29 April 2016

Experiment time

a taped it so it  we had to get tin foil and put it
We were reading about heat and energy in science. My teacher told us that we were making solar panels and we needed a pizza box, tin foil, cling film, a ruler, black paper, newspaper, marshmallows, chocolate and a bowl.  The teacher numbered us 1 to 6 we all had different jobs, next we had to open the pizza box and line it with black paper. After that we had to cut the newspaper into stripes and twist them we had to get cling film and sell o taped it on to the base of the box over the part we put the black paper on then we got a ruler and  attached it on were we cut the half square. Finally we got chocolate and put it in a bowl, we put the food warmer somewhere the sun reflects on the tin foil and when the chocolate melted we dipped marshmallows into it. We had completed making our solar panel food warmer.
  by Nadine Lawrence


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