Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Peer tutoring

Two weeks ago we started it. There will be a pair of students assigned to each other by a teacher. The first 10 minutes would be spent reading, the tutor would read for the first 5 minutes and the tutee would listen to make sure they don’t pronounce anything wrong. Then the tutee reads the last 5 minutes, if the tutee was to struggle or pronounce a word wrong the tutor underlines it. Then the next part again which would also spend time for 10 minutes doing dictionary work on the words that was underlined, and the tutee writes down the underlined words on a piece of paper, then a teacher would come and check if you pronounce the underlined words correctly and sometimes its meaning. Then the fun part! For the last 10 minutes you play games with the words the tutee written down! Trust me, it’s more fun than it sounds! There are 3 games you can choose from but you can make up your own! That’s all that happens, but 30 minutes really go by fast!

By Leigh Anne!

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