Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Our memories from 5th Class

One of my favourite memories from 5th class was when we just came into the classroom and all of us had to look for our tables, when I finally found my tables I was happy because I got to sit beside Bernice for the first term of the school year.
Another  one of my favourite memories was when we did friends for life. Friends for life was a programme that we did on friendship and support. At the beginning of friends for life we always said our happy thing and it helped because some of them were funny.
Another memory from 5th class was when we watched the play Ye Ha by the 5th and 6th class girls, I wasn’t in the play so I got to watch and help out. While the girls were practicing for the play the power went out but the girls kept practicing and eventually the light turned back on.
 Another memory was when the drama company did the play Cinderella, every time Cinderella came down the stage everyone would want her to high five them and when the prince came down everyone started screaming and pushing others so he could touch their hand I fell off my chair because my friend pushed me by accident.
Another memory I had was when we watch the junior infants play. All the children were so cute and some of the did not know the word of the song but it was good.
My last last memory was when Ms.Masterson came and taught us, it was very fun and we all enjoyed it.
 I will miss 5th class and my teacher Ms .Fitzpatrick. I hope we all enjoy the summer holidays and have fun and we will see each other again in 6th class.  It has been a great year and I really enjoyed it.
By Mary

I had so much fun this year in fifth class. It was a bounding experience for me .I learned so much and made lots of friends. This year was great with our super supportive teacher Miss.D.Fitzpatrick. We took a photo of us on our first week and sadly this is the last week. There are lots of things I like about fifth class; singing songs, playing games for example; take a chance, draughts, UNO, headbandz, making shapes, and lots others. We did presentations and we know we tried our best for sure. We did two projects one on France and the  other on Mexico. It was a lot of fun.  We had problem solving and if we got it right we got raffle ticket. Speaking of raffle tickets we had a raffle every Friday. We earned raffle tickets if we did super work. We had a gaeilgeoir na seachtaine. – It was if we made an effort to speak Irish our photo was put up in the class and I love the way everyone’s supportive. They are so happy for each other’s success. We love doing team work and trying our best. We did stations for example; math, English and irish. We also did FRIENDS FOR LIFE programme, to me that’s the best thing ever. We enjoyed a lot learning about feelings and caring for our friends. Thanks to Ms. Meehan and our principle ms.leanord and our deputy principle ms.brady. I loved all the  memories in fifth class, it was a great time.
By; Angelina

This year has been such great fun. I had a fabulous time in fifth class. I made friends with the new girls. Our teacher was miss D .Fitzpatrick she is a great teacher. One of my memories was when we did the skipping ropes with a coach. it was such great fun I had to skip with two ropes in front off the whole school.
 Another memory was when we did a project it was about france. we all brought them back on a certain date and presented them to the whole class. Another memory was when we did a time capsule. We did our handprints and footprints we would re-open it at the end of June. This year has been such fun. I had lots of friends who helped me a lot. That’s the end of fifth class for me.
By Chloe Collins  

On Friday it’s the last day of school .The first thing we did was a time capsule.
And we went to Lough Crew that was fun that was my favourite memory
By Oliwia Mejer

This week Friday is going to be the last day of 5th class. I really enjoyed being in 5th class. We did lots of fun stuff. My most favourite memory was the school tour. Anyways bye J ;)
By Chinazam Azubuike ♥♣○•♠

I had so much fun in 5th class this year because I met all of my friends again in 5th class. I met a nice and kind teacher called Miss D Fitzpatrick and she is so nice to us. This is our last week with her but on the last day of 5th class  I am doing something for the whole class and teacher before we all go to 6th class. We really like Miss D Fitzpatrick. We had fun this year with her. This year we all went to lough crew activity centre for our school tour and it was so much fun that day. I am going to miss Miss D Fitzpatrick when I go to 6th class next year.

By Erika Smith

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