Friday, 3 June 2016

Our School Tour

             On Tuesday 31st of may both fifth classes went to Louch Crew  it was so exciting!  Ruby’s dad was the bus driver he drove us to Louch Crew.
  When we got to Louch Crew we got of the bus
  and  collected our bags. Then we got our partners and lined up. Then two managers brought us where we could leave our bags. We left our bags in the little shed. We
were brought to a field and split into groups by the managers. Our manager’s name was Shane. So the
first thing we did was bow and arrow shooting all of
us  got three arrows to shoot as a practice run. Then
the person that shoots the nearest to middle got an extra ride on the zip line. Coyne in Mr.McGovern’s class got the extra ride on the zip line. Next we did the witches potion challenge. It was an obstacle course challenge and you would have two cups of water. And you and your team would have two try and get the cups to the next stage of the obstacle run without spilling any water. But the person holding a cup can’t move their legs. It was a little bit hard.
Then we did the zip line the first4 got3 and the rest got 2.
Then we went and got a snack. Then Shane (our group manager) got us two paddles and there was a big hill
And he would count to ten and we would be spinning while he would be counting then when he would stop counting we would run up the hill and slide back down two people at a time. Then we did another race there were two three trunks. And a rope under and over you there were one person at each tree the first person to reach the other tree wins or the first person’s feet that touches the ground is out. And it’s hard! Then for the 2nd last we did rock climbing, it was fun. Finally the last activity as I call it the muck adventure it was a lot activities put together and it was covered in muck. When we were finished (the muck adventure) we got washed, ate our barbecue, got our photograph, played up the big hill and went home.
                                                        By Bernice

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